Instance Class EqTest

Class Tree
Description EqTest Benchmark:

This benchmark is based on the coNP-complete problem of deciding
whether two normal logic programs are weakly equivalent, i.e. they
have exactly the same stable models. See [JO, 2002] for the details of
the approach. In the very benchmark, the task is to show the
equivalence of two logic programs giving different formulations of the
n-queens problem. The idea in the first formulation is to place queens
on a column-by-column basis while the latter is analogous but a
row-oriented formulation.


The number of queens grows from 4 to 13.


[JO, 2002] T. Janhunen and E. Oikarinen: Testing the Equivalence of
Logic Programs under Stable Model Semantics. In S. Flesca, S. Greco,
N. Leone, and G. Ianni, editors, the Proceedings of the 8th European
Workshop on Logic in Artificial Inteligence, pages 493-504, Cosenza,
Italy, September 2002. LNAI vol. 2424.
Submitter Martin Gebser
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