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Description Here we collect solution verification/evaluation and formatting tools, which may be useful to prepare for or to run in the competition.

Our encodings (for all competition problems but "Grammar-Based Information Extraction") and viable instances (that are available to us) are tagged with 'ASP Contest 09'. You can retrieve them via the "Search" feature on the left-hand side: Select either "Encodings" or "Instances" and enter Tag 'ASP Contest 09'. For some problems, you'll find several encodings for different systems (Gringo, iClingo, and Clingcon). By default, you can solve the encoded problems by using our grounder Gringo and your solver accepting Lparse output format. Note that we tagged encodings yielding a unique answer set with 'No Search'. In some cases, Gringo is able to ground the respective encodings (and instances) to facts; otherwise, your solver will have to retrieve the unique answer set, but probably without starting to search. In either case, the 'No Search' problems won't allow your solver to exhibit its particular strengths on Gringo's output. For some problems, iClingo or Clingcon could still be the better choice than Gringo|solverX (in particular, if Gringo's output becomes large), and whether or not we will use iClingo or Clingcon instead of Gringo|clasp in the competition, depends on whether varying the system to use will be allowed and on our own estimation whether iClingo or Clingcon constitute an improvement. A last difficulty is "Strategic Companies", which is a Sigma_2^P-hard problem. If your solver does not cope with disjunctive logic programs, it won't be able to deal with Gringo's output. If permitted by the competition rules, we'll use claspD as our backend solver for this problem.

Finally, note that the "Special-Purpose Encodings and Tools" are artefacts. We archive them here only for the fun of it, but not for the use in the competition itself.