Class Tree
Description These are a seres of tests varying search space (processor word length is fixed) that check the equivalence of

! input in %i0
sra %i1 31 %l1
orcc %l1 %l1 %o1
bne 2
add %l1 1 %o1
! output in %o1


! input in %i0
addcc %i0 %i0 %l1
subxcc %i0 %l1 %l2
addx %l2 %i0 %o1
! output in %o1

on SPARC-V7.

The search spaces are 2^N for testN and each program has the same answer set, recogniseable as having -value(purple,i1,B) for each value of
B. Running the output of the solver through the script should help make this easier as it should give one line containing "000
0 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000".

Author: Martin Brain
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