Encoding knights-tour_construction.cpp

Name knights-tour_construction.cpp
Class Tree
Submitter Martin Gebser
Author Martin Gebser and Roland Kaminski
Description A C++ program that computes a Knight's Tour (if there is any) for a given checkerboard size in very short time.

Compiling under Linux: g++ -o knightstour knights-tour_construction.cpp

Usage on Linux shell (N is an integer): echo "size(N)" | knightstour
Usage on Linux shell (using file): knightstour < <instance>
Created 2009-03-27 12:58
Modified 2009-04-01 00:54
Language Features
Compatible Instance Classes
    Input Predicates
    • size/1
    Output Predicates
    • move/4
    Encoding Parameter
      Standalone Help No