Encoding master_hc.lp

Name master_hc.lp
Class Tree
Submitter Martin Gebser
Author Martin Gebser
Description PROJECTED Hamilton cycle problem

The graph is given by facts "vtx(C,V)." and "edge(C1,V1,C2,V2)." where
C,C1,C2 and V,V1,V2 are numbers of clumps, resp., of clumps' vertices.
One vertex V of a clump C is given as initial vertex "initialvtx(C,V)."
The key predicate is "master_hc". Atom "master_hc(C1,C2)" expresses that
some "edge(C1,V1,C2,V2)" connects distinct clumps in the Hamiltonian cycle.
The instances of "master_hc(C1,C2)" in an answer set themselves provide a
small Hamiltonian cycle, built from a subset of the edges in the full cycle.
Created 2009-08-19 17:24
Modified 2009-08-19 17:24
Language Features
Compatible Instance Classes
Input Predicates
  • edge/4
  • initialvtx/2
  • vtx/2
Output Predicates
  • master_hc/2
Encoding Parameter
    Standalone Help No
    • Solution Projection (Martin Gebser)