Encoding towers-hanoi.lparse

Name towers-hanoi.lparse
Class Tree
Submitter Martin Gebser
Author n/a
Description time(0..t) and disk(1..k) are two definitions in the data set defining appropriate data types.

The meaning of the time predicate is self-evident. As for the disk predicate, there are k disks 1,2,...,k. Disks 1, 2, 3 denote pegs. Disks 4, 5, ... are "movable". The larger the number of the disk, the "smaller" it is.

The program uses additional predicates: on(T,N,M), which is true iff at time T, disk M is on disk N move(t,N), which is true iff at time T, it is disk N that will be moved where(T,N), which is true iff at time T, the disk to be moved is moved on top of the disk N. goal, which is true iff the goal state is reached at time t steps(T), which is the number of time steps T, required to reach the goal (pro
vided part of Input data)
Created 2009-03-30 13:03
Modified 2009-03-12 21:31
Language Features
Compatible Instance Classes
Input Predicates
  • disk/1
  • on0/2
  • ongoal/2
  • steps/1
  • time/1
Output Predicates
  • put/3
Encoding Parameter
    Standalone Help No