Encoding schur.lparse

Name schur.lparse
Class Tree
Submitter Martin Gebser
Author n/a
Description The range of integers to be partitioned is n and the number of parts is k. The main predicate is inpart. Atom inpart(X,P) represents the fact that number X is included in part P. The idea is to find a partition of integers {1,2,...,n} into k parts such that each part is sum free, i.e. for any X and Y, X and X+X are in different parts and if X and Y are in the same part, then X+Y is in a different part.
Created 2009-03-30 13:03
Modified 2009-03-10 12:24
Language Features
Compatible Instance Classes
Input Predicates
  • assigned/2
  • number/1
  • part/1
Output Predicates
  • inpart/2
Encoding Parameter
    Standalone Help No