Encoding 15-puzzle.lparse

Name 15-puzzle.lparse
Class Tree
Submitter Martin Gebser
Author n/a
Description The key predicates are move and in.
Atom move(T,X,Y) has the meaning: at time T tile 0 is moved to location (X,Y) and in(T,X,Y,A) is read as: at time T tile A is in location (X,Y).
Initial configuration is given as facts in0(x,y,a).

Created 2009-03-30 13:03
Modified 2009-03-09 18:55
Language Features
Compatible Instance Classes
Input Predicates
  • entry/1
  • in0/3
  • maxtime/1
  • pos/1
  • time/1
Output Predicates
  • move/3
Encoding Parameter
    Standalone Help No