Encoding gen_sudoku.gringo

Name gen_sudoku.gringo
Class Tree
Submitter Martin Gebser
Author Martin Gebser
Description This encoding generates Sudoku puzzles having a unique solution, while removing any clue (neglecting a preassigned cell) leads to alternative solutions. To randomize the generation of Sudoku puzzles, one can use the "shuffle" tool available at: http://www.tcs.hut.fi/Software/asptools/

The meanings of the output atoms are as follows:
- cell(X,Y): there is a grid cell (X,Y)
- clue(X,Y,V): grid cell (X,Y) is preassigned to value V
- assign(X,Y,V): grid cell (X,Y) is assigned to value V in the unique solution
Note that clue(X,Y,V) implies assign(X,Y,V) for all X,Y,V.
Created 2010-03-19 19:52
Modified 2010-03-20 17:25
Language Features
Compatible Instance Classes
    Input Predicates
      Output Predicates
      • assign/3
      • cell/2
      • clue/3
      Encoding Parameter
      • size
      Standalone Help Yes